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Fundamental Concept of Digestion in Ayurveda

Fundamental Concept of Digestion in Ayurveda Digestion is very important metabolic process. In ayurveda digestion process is described in simple and clear manner. According to ayurvedic text digestion depends upon agni.
AGNI Agni is form of heat energy in the body; it serves to convert food into various body constituents. It is similar in its function to pitta, its functions as a catalytic agent in digestion and metabolism. In every tissue and cell agni is present and is necessary for maintaining the nutrition of the tissues. As long as agni is functioning properly, the processes of breaking down food and its absorption will be smooth. When agni becomes impaired because of an imbalance in tridoshas, the metabolism is affected. Food components which remain undigested and unabsorbed get collected in the intestine. A foul smelling, sticky substance is formed by this material, which is called ama. It clogs the intestines and other channels such as capillaries and blood vessels. Ama is the root…

Fundamental Concepts of Anatomy & Physiology inAyurveda

Fundamental Concepts of Anatomy & Physiology inAyurveda SHARIRA RACHANA (OVERVIEW OF HUMAN BODY)Ayurvedic views of ShariraRachana can be understood by study of important concepts like:•AbhinirvruttiSharira-It covers the about development of human body from five fundamental elements of life known as Pachamahabhutas like elements of universe •GarbhavkrantiSharira-It covers the developmental anatomy or embryology. •AngapratyangaSharira-It covers the study of structures of Shadanga (Six parts of body) like It includes Asthi (osteology),